Growing Sales Begins With Your Perspective

Below is a very thought-provoking blog post shared with us from The Sales Mechanic, Dave Bilbrey.  Dave has been successfully building sales teams for over 30 years and as a guest blogger for BizHive he offers some very keen insight behind the real meaning of the word “opportunity”.  Thanks Dave. Here we go again. Another […]

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Cornered By A Bad Online Reputation?

Did you know that most new business prospects have a secret itemized checklist for how they purchase products and services? Typically you might expect quality, price, and service to be on the list. However, prospects have now added reputation to their lists and this one single item is rapidly moving towards #1. Unfortunately, businesses are […]

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Custom Google Alerts Can Help Grow Sales

What would it do for your sales results if your company could be notified the moment a top prospect had visited the company website…via email…and then via text message to your mobile phone? Companies are now utilizing many of the new features, metrics, and measurement tools offered by Google Analytics to help bridge the gap […]

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Tips For Removing Negative Comments in Search Engines

Recently, The Online Body Guard team held Online Reputation Awareness Day and discussed several topics related to reputation monitoring including: How to remove negative comments and reviews in search engines. The top sources online to monitor for your personal and corporate reputation. How to handle an online reputation crisis. And much more… If your organization […]

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Social Media Speaking Events

The team at BizHive provides insightful advice in a speaking series called Online Marketing Therapy for the Business Owner. Participants learn insightful, real-world tips that can be successfully applied to your current online marketing campaign from a tactical online marketing experts. If your organization would like to schedule a speaking engagement with BizHive to learn […]

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