Custom Google Alerts Can Help Grow Sales

What would it do for your sales results if your company could be notified the moment a top prospect had visited the company website…via email…and then via text message to your mobile phone?

Companies are now utilizing many of the new features, metrics, and measurement tools offered by Google Analytics to help bridge the gap between the online world and new business development.

The Alert

The alert works by programming a set list of company names into the Google Analytics account for your company website, blog, or both. When a prospective client visits any of these assets their visit then triggers an alert that is sent from Google directly to a designated email address and mobile phone number.

What Top Organizations Do Next

Top companies in their respective industries are taking the information that they receive from Google Analytics Alerts to the next level by doing something rather unique.

They are calling the prospect.

These top companies are setting aside the risk of speaking with someone other than the actual person who had visited the company website or blog in the pursuit of the opportunity to develop new business.

It’s What You Don’t Say That Really Counts

When top sales producers contact prospective clients that have visited their company website or blog, they arm themselves with time-tested, proven tactics for generating qualified interest in behalf of the prospect. Here is how they do it:

  • They know the reason that they are contacting the prospect is to determine their interest level in moving to the next step in the sales process…nothing more.
  • They know the least important piece of information to share with the prospect is that they have visited their website…because the prospect knows that too.
  • They know the job description and title of the person that they need to speak with.
  • They recruit everyone else who falls below the rank of the decision maker as an internal ally so that the call switches from a cold sales call to a warm internal referral on the fly.

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