Growing Sales Begins With Your Perspective

Below is a very thought-provoking blog post shared with us from The Sales Mechanic, Dave Bilbrey.  Dave has been successfully building sales teams for over 30 years and as a guest blogger for BizHive he offers some very keen insight behind the real meaning of the word “opportunity”.  Thanks Dave.

Here we go again. Another year gone as the next year arrives.

Like many others, I use this time to reflect on what happened and what’s about to happen. The New Year provides a clean slate of sorts. We get excited about the possibilities to grow our professional and personal lives.

Things do change. We hope, pray and work for positive change in our lives and for those around us.

I lost a business acquaintance this year. He passed away. I didn’t maintain contact with him for a number of years. He had a very positive effect on me. He was a mentor without the title. He was a living example of how to behave and succeed as a salesman, as a professional and as a trusted associate. His name was Bob. He was of Irish descent which you would figure out immediately upon meeting him.

Bob was the first Manufacturer’s Representative that I ever worked with. I was in my early-20’s selling medical supplies to doctor’s offices. At the time, he was in his mid to late 30’s making him an old guy to me. Bob represented some of the manufacturers on our line card.

He was witty and wise. He had a lot of stories to tell and all were entertaining and most had a lesson weaved in the words he spoke.

His best story, by far, was about his graduation from high school, his graduation party and the gift that his father gave to him.

At some time during the celebration, his dad asked him to get up and go outside to see his graduation present. As they walked to the door his mind raced until he decided that dad got him a car. Once on the porch he saw that there was no car, nothing whatsoever. Where was the present?

Bob’s dad put one arm around his shoulder and stretched the other arm out pointing to the trees, sky moon and clouds. “There it is son. The whole wide world and it’s all yours.”

Disappointed? Yes, for a while. As he told me that story, so many years later, that gift had indeed become the greatest a dad could give a child in transition.

So, on this occasion, I would like to share that gift with you. I’ve had the whole wide world for a long, long time. I recognize the value of it and have deeply appreciated the opportunity the world has given me. Take the opportunity given to you by the world we live in and “go for it”. Don’t waste a precious minute while chasing your dreams this New Year.

Thank you Bob

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