Cornered By A Bad Online Reputation?

Online Reputation Monitoring CompanyDid you know that most new business prospects have a secret itemized checklist for how they purchase products and services?

Typically you might expect quality, price, and service to be on the list. However, prospects have now added reputation to their lists and this one single item is rapidly moving towards #1.

Unfortunately, businesses are still lagging in addressing how to ensure that their organizations possess a quality reputation online.

Here are a few ways to tell if your company or personal reputation are in jeopardy:

  • You are the last to know about what is happening with your or your company.
  • Negative commentary appears online about you or your company.
  • New business prospects quietly disappear into the arms of your competitors.
  • Existing clientele unexpectedly begin to challenge the value of your services or products.
  • Phone calls, text messages, emails, and other methods of contact go un-returned from trusted resources and contacts.

How does a business or a person engage in online reputation management?

Imagine what it would be like if you could view and manage the real-time commentary about your personal reputation, the brand of your company, your competitors, and more.

Because of the strong demand for a quality reputation management tool, BizHive has developed a service that allows for people and businesses to monitor and manage their reputation called The Online Body Guard.

The Online Body Guard aggregates information from a variety of trusted sources and delivers it to you in one easy to use dashboard. For more information, or to see the commonly asked questions about reputation management, please visit our website.

BizHive is headquartered in Troy, Michigan and specializes in developing custom online marketing programs for forward thinking businesses.  Never get stung by a lack of sales by calling 248-662-5323 today.

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