Your Digital Reputation: Repair Versus Monitor

Business owners, public figures, and even those facing pending litigation are often concerned with the outcome of certain scenarios and the impact of these scenarios on their individual reputation.

Sometimes, Online Reputation Monitoring and Online Reputation Repair are perceived to be the same.  Let’s take a look at how these two types of online reputation services can be quite different in the examples below:

Examples of Online Reputation Monitoring

  • Help determine the sentiment of your company, its products, or services
  • Learn how competitors are reacting to your online marketing efforts
  • Test the responsiveness to a new service or product
  • Help protect your intellectual property from infringement
  • Find out just how much influence your online comments possess with others
  • Identify new sales channels of prospects seeking your services and products

Examples of Online Reputation Repair

  • Recent or pending ligation with results broadcast in the public forum
  • Personal scandals
  • Product defects that caused an injury or loss of life
  • Product recalls that cause products to become un-usable
  • Serious environmental violation
  • Accusations of embezzlement or fraud
  • Poor moral conduct by a company executive or leader

Life Events Drive The Decision

Now, could a person monitor his or her online reputation while in the midst of a repair effort as well?  Absolutely.  However, the above examples offer insight as to the life events that typically trigger the need for online reputation monitoring or online reputation repair.  It is these life events that help to steer an individual into a particular direction as it pertains to their overall digital reputation.

Control The Next Step

If you find yourself in the midst of a real reputation crisis, or, you simply want to leverage the benefits of monitoring your personal reputation then contact the team at BizHive today and enjoy the benefits of a confidential consultation with results tailored to your individual goals.

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