One of the most effective ways to attract visitors to a website is through earning first page earned search engine rankings with a website or blog. (Sometimes these are also called organic search engine rankings). Businesses and high profile personalities place a tremendous amount of value on earned search engine rankings because users have a higher propensity to click on earned search engine rankings as opposed to sponsored search engine rankings.

The team at BizHive recognizes this fact and optimizes website pages to achieve high organic search engine rankings. Some of the key elements that we focus on to properly optimize a website page to be ranked and indexed by a major search engine are:

  • Designing the webpage content to be relevant for a specific subject.
  • Closely follow and honor the Quality Guidelines issued by major search engines.
  • Exercise patience by allowing search engines to do their job and index your site.
  • Know what keywords visitors use to find your products or services and include these terms in the code of your website.
  • Create On-Page features that will allow visitors to more easily convert into prospects.

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