Double The Impact and Reach of Your Blog Posts

Businesses that turn to blogging for assistance with increasing the earned search engine rankings of their websites quite are in constant search of ways to further leverage their blog content.

Combat High-Cost Online Advertising

For a business, blogging is a vital online marketing activity because the results of blogging help to counteract a dependency on high-cost online advertising or search engine advertising.  An example of online advertising would be purchasing ad space on a niche website and an example of search engine advertising would be the use of Google AdWords.


Now, this is not to say that online advertising does not work, or, that it does not have a place in an online marketing portfolio.  It does.  However, when a text blog post can be converted into dynamic online video content without any extra effort, serious consideration should be given to its use by businesses seeking higher organic search engine rankings.


Lets explore an example below using a recent blog from BizHive about Unlocking the Value of Google Analytics:

A Text Blog on Unlocking The Value of Google Analytics

BizHive recently launched a blog post that shared three unique tips businesses could use to gain greater value from their Google Analytics accounts:

The Same Blog Transformed Into a YouTube Video

That very same blog has now been converted into a high-impact video that has been search engine optimized and shared on our YouTube Channel:


Considerations for Converting Your Blog to Video

When the above video was being created, some basic topics and criteria were established as to which blog posts should be converted into videos.  Examples include:

  • New product or services
  • ‘How To’ tutorials
  • Important events
  • Top 5 or Top 10 lists
  • Company capability statements
  • New client wins
  • Highlighting a particular expertise
  • Setting a new record
  • Receiving an accolade
  • Service to the community

Help…My Blog Content Is Stagnant!

If your company has blog content that seems to just “be there” and is not providing the value that you had hoped it would then contact us today for a complimentary consultation on how we can double the impact of your blog posts.

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