Why, sometimes, do website projects fail?  Let’s explore some of the top reasons this happens, and, share quick solutions for each scenario that can help to pull the project back from the brink of disaster.

Reason #1 – Wrong Expectations

Having the client and the website development company set and keep the same expectations throughout the project are critical.  When expectations are not the same then one party typically feels victimized.  An example from the perspective of the client would be the feeling that they are not receiving the full benefit of the services for which they have paid.  An example from the perspective of the website development company would be the feeling that they are being asked to perform extra services for which they are not being compensated.


Because website projects are active and dynamic, tools are needed to help with communication and the structure of the project activities.  In addition, defining the full scope of a project and its possible variables at the beginning of a project will help to ensure that expectations stay consistent between the client and the company hired to build their website.  BizHive utilizes a unique process along with an easy-to-understand communication tool for each and every project.

Reason #2 – Decision by Committee

Multiple decision makers can equate to multiple opinions.  Sometimes this situation leads to stages of a website project being repeated several times.  In this situation the client feels good about engaging their team members so that they can obtain “buy-in” from a larger group than just a single person and build a united front for their organization.  From the perspective of the website development company, having multiple opinions equates to multiple project requests and possible cost over runs.


A quick solution to this problem is for the company building the website to assign a single individual from the client as a “point person” at the beginning of the project.  The role of the point person will be to manage and filter the collective opinions of the other client team members so the time and resources of the website development company can be used for building a great website.

Reason #3 – Dealing With Change

In just about every website project it can be anticipated that there will be change.  Some view change as negative and allow it to create a barrier for progress.  Others, view change as a positive and leverage it to achieve breakthrough results.


Establishing and enforcing a process that collects, evaluates, and applies the opportunities that come with change in a website development project will help to minimize the impact of changes that can appear to be devastating to the progress of a project.

What To Do Next?

If your website project has failed for any of the above reasons (or others) contact the team at BizHive today for a confidential discussion about how we can best assist your organization.

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